Sixth Avenue Shoe Shine 2010

In the Rockefeller Center complex, there is an underground concourse lined with various stores and restaurants.  One of the tenants is a shoe repair store that also does a very brisk business shining shoes.  Apparently this is so rare today, that almost every day you will find tourists taking pictures of the customers and shoe shiners plying their trade. There is an art to it, and the guys do a fantastic job.  I caught this scene a couple of weeks ago, where an independent entrepreneur set up his shop on the sidewalk on Sixth Avenue (aka Avenue of the Americas) in the high 40s.  It’s a shame my shot caught him looking away, as he was energetic and seems to enjoy his work.  Or maybe he just puts on a show for the customers.

With this shot, I’m introducing a new, occasional series I’ll call “Sidewalking.”  Anything that catches my interests while walking round NYC that doesn’t fit into one of my pre-existing series.  Look for the Sidewalking tag to see them all.  I’m retroactively adding this shot to the set.  They will usually be in color, except when I decide otherwise.


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