Bus Stop No. 49

Bus Stop No. 49
Bus Stop No. 49

This is a similar treatment as yesterday, but personally I’m happier with the application of the vignette.

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  1. Re: “Temple of Dendur”. I have a suggestion. You might try importing the layers into PS and do the alighnment there instead of in PhotoMatix. THEN let PhotoMatix do the tone-mapping. In my experience PS does a better alignment job and might improve the layers registration of the foreground. Works particularly well with hand-helds. In spite of the city theme (not you, just me), I have added you to my photography web site lists. Keep shooting. Butch

  2. Butch

    Thanks again. Your praise really means a lot. regarding your suggestion, I’ve always thought the PhotoShop Align Layers function works better than the alignment in Photomatix, but I could never figure out a simple way to get the aligned layers into Photomatix. My only thought, which is tedious and inelegant, is to activate each layer one at a time and save the resulting images in a set of files. Is there a better simpler method Im just not getting.

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