New York by Gehry

It used to be called Beekman Tower, now it’s just “New York By Gehry.” It’s still brand new but they changed the name. No official word on why, but my guess is people are figuring out that Gehry has become a brand. It’s beautifully photogenic, and if you come back here you’ll be seeing lots more photos of this building from time of time.

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  1. Terrific geometric patterns Mark. It is photgenic indeed.

  2. Interesting building, I like the detail of the shapes from your POV.
    Jon Stolarski recently posted..MusicianMy Profile

  3. Amazing construction.

    It gives an immense sense of strength and stability. It look like it made of one unmovable piece!

  4. I like how you capture the photo with this tower. Want to see more photos from you here.

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