Unique and Identical


I feel a little bad picking on these two young women, as it isn’t their fault that Uniqlo, a clothing line whose name derives from “unique clothing” chose an easily mockable name. Uniqlo seems to be the clothing line of the moment, Originally from Japan, it is heavily promoting itself in the US, and is opening a flagship store in NYC soon, I believe later this week. Had they called the brand Hiplo or Trendlo, or anything else, i’m sure it would be as popular and we would still see the red blocks with Japanese characters everywhere.

But the line is called Uniqlo and just begs to be made fun of. Indeed, you cannot see the last word of their tag line, which is “all.” ┬áSo their brand and motto is “unique clothing made for all.” With unique yet identical sweatshirts.

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  1. Nice catch Mark. This ones new to me…I guess Uniqlo hasn’t made its way to Canada yet.

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