West 50th Subway Station – Eighth Avenue IND Line

Back in November I suggested I had an idea for a photo series, but it was too intimidating to truly consider.  It was simply to get a shot of every station in the NY subway system. Depending on who is counting and when, there is some number of stations  slightly greater than 420 in the system. Since you cannot get reasonably good images by quickly jumping off the train at a station and hopping back on before the doors close, doing this project would take considerable time. You would have to ride to the end of a line, take a picture at the first/last station, and then get on the next train out. But you would have to get off at the first stop, take a picture, and wait for the next train, ride to the next station, and repeat — again waiting for the next train.  Doing this on weekends when waits of 10 minutes between trains is common, and sometimes optimal, means it would easily take 2 hours to get 12 images, not counting the ride getting to the start point and from the end point.  Maybe someday, but not now.

What I am doing for now is taking an image every time I visit a station that is not part of my usual daily routine and commute. Should I undertake the entire series, every one is a stop I can skip later. This is, as the title indicates, the stop at W.50th Street and Eighth Avenue. It is from the original IND subway line. The subway was originally built by 3 companies, some public and some private. The IND was built by a private company and its centerpiece was the Eighth Avenue line, Indeed, for a while, the IND system was commonly called the Eighth Avenue Subway, even when referring to its lines in other areas and boroughs.

There will be no theme to the series except for subways. Some will be black and white, some color. Some will be gritty, others clean and modern. Some will have people, others will be empty. It all depends on what I see and how I interpret it as I travel.

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  1. I like the high contrast in your shot Mark. Reminds me of my old tri-x film days.

  2. This really looks awesome in B&W, man. Nice classic look!

  3. There’s a lot to like in this image Mark. The lines and depth, the black and white treatment, and that gritty ceiling immediately caught my eye. Looking forward to seeing more!

  4. This is the type of subject that works so well in B&W. Raw, gritty high contrast work – Great!! Strong lines, love the feel of loneliness in this. I think it’s always good to set oneself some sort of target – it provides purpose. I’m looking forward to the next shot in this series.
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