Coney Island Cross Processed 2012 – Welcome to the Scream Zone

This  week I’m going to feature cross-processed shots from my winter morning trip to Coney Island. I showed a few in this post, where I went into the details of cross processing, and the tricks for scanning cross processed images, but since then I acquired a scanning mask that let’s me th scan the part of the film that has the sprocket holes.

This is not similar to what happened here, where I accidentally aligned the film wrong and scanned a part of the sprocket holes by accident. Rather, when shooting 35mm film in a Diana F+ camera, you have the option to do so in a way that exposes the film from top to bottom, including the area with the sprocket holes. I di dthat here. Then you need to be able to scan the entire film, and that is a bit tricky since most scanning set ups are designed to exclude the sprocket hole areas on purpose.

This is the sign to the entrance to a part of the amusement area at Coney Island known as the Scream Zone, and here you can just see the “ZO” next to the face.

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  1. Nice! I like the sprocket holes on this one!

  2. Great image. I love the colour and the sprocket holes just add to the slightly Wacky feel of this. clever work
    LensScaper recently posted..A Walk in the ParkMy Profile

  3. This is absolutely fabulous, my fine friend! Great capture and processing here, Mark!!
    Toad Hollow Photography recently posted..The Cow CafeMy Profile

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