Mohonk Mountain House and Lake

Mountain House and Lake

Back in July you might remember my family went to this resort, Mountain House and Lake, for the weekend to celebrate my 50th birthday. The weather did not cooperate and it was nearly impossible to get any good photos with all of the fog and clouds obscuring everything. However, we still had fun and my younger daughter loved it so much that she asked to come back for her 8th birthday which was this weekend. So we did, just for a day trip, and the weather was spectacular.

On another issue, one of Site News, you will notice that late last week I completed a site redesign. I upgraded to ProPhoto 4, which offered some new themes, and I have new logos designed by my friend Jon Stolarski of JS Photography and Design. I spent the better part of Friday getting everything in order behind the scenes, and unveiled the new look late Friday. This is the first post to go up since the redesign, so this is the “official” announcement of sorts.

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  1. I like the new design and I am delighted to see the Grey Man up front on the home page – one of my top favourites of your work, Mark. This looks an impressive resort to you and some great weather to go with it.

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