Colorado River Valley Panorama, Utah

Colorado River Panorama


This is a different look at the scene shown here, with a panorama stitched together in camera by the Fujifilm X-E1  Those are Fisher Towers in the front distance, backed by the white-peaked La Sal Mountains.


My buddy Justin Balog posted a similar image yesterday, showing a portion of the same scene in a tighter focus.It prompted me to make this update because he thanked me for lending him my polarizing filter for the shot. In addition to his main image, he also showed a screen grab of a similar shot without the polarizing filter. He added some advice for how to use a polarizing filter to your advantage and you should definitely check it out. My  image was not shot with a polarizing filter — not because I lent him mine but because that filer does not fit on the lenses for my Fuji X-E1. Nevertheless, I was able to improve on the out-of-camera shot using the Polarizing Filter effect from the Nik Color Efex program. The original untouched version is shown below. Because the panorama created in camera is in JPEG form, I was limited somewhat in my ability to manipulate in post. If you are working with a standard RAW file, you could do more. Here, I think I could have perhaps achieved a better tone of blue in the sky if I were working with a Raw file, but I was pretty pleased with this result nonetheless.

By the way, you don’t need the Nik suite to get this result. Aperture has a polarizing brush, and I think Lightroom has a way to achieve a similar effect as well.




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