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Dewey Bridge

Dewey Bridge was built over the Colorado River as part of State Route 128 in 1916.  At the time, it was the second longest suspension bridge west of the Mississippi River. Always painfully narrow, a replacement was built in the 1980s, but the bridge was to be retained as a historic landmark and an ambitious restoration was completed in 2000.

Sadly, in 2008 a 7-year old boy started a fire in a nearby campground by playing with matches. Yes, that really happens apparently.  The fire spread and destroyed the bridge’s wooden deck and rails.  Local citizens formed a committee to seek contributions to rebuild the bridge, but I’m not sure if that effort has been abandoned or is making progress.

ALSO: In an unrelated bit of site and internet business, Google Reader is closing down in 9 days, as of June 30.  This was announced months ago, but I know many people procrastinate.  You now have precious little time to transfer your favorite feeds to an alternative. I’m using Feedly but there are others. If you do not make arrangements to export or copy your feed list in the next week or so, you will have to recreate everything from scratch. If you have used Google Reader to keep up with this site and others, please make arrangements for the transition as soon as possible. I may repeat this message once or twice in the next week.

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