Poughkeepsie Double Exposure


This was unplanned in at least two ways. First, I was not planning on making a double exposure. Second, I did plan to run a different image today, but as happened just a week or two ago with a different image, I noticed just before preparing the post that the sky does not look quite right and I would rather fix it before posting. So I saw this available, tweaked it a bit and post it as a bit of a curiosity.

This is from a trip I made up to Poughkeepsie last weekend in a failed attempt to get some scenic shots of fall colors, the Hudson river valley, and the two bridges that bookend Poughkeepsie. Unfortunately while I was driving up the weather turned on me and I had an ugly grey completely overcast sky with flat, ugly light. Few of the images I took will be worthwhile. It’s an image of a house near the river with another photo of the river taken from the waterfront. By accident, the line of the bridge almost perfectly lines up and carries straight through the house, creating some illusion of a translucent house through which you can see the bridge and opposite river bank.

It’s not my best, but it will do as a pinch hitter.

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