Ram island Ledge Light and Portland Head Rocks

We are still working my way up the Maine coast on the first day on the nXnw 2014 trip, and as with yesterday’s image from Perkins Cove, I find myself less than overwhelmed with what I did that day. Was it the weather, the frst full day of  my cold, or something else? I’m not sure. But this is pretty good, just not as compelling as I hoped.

I did some long exposures that didn’t turn out as well as I hoped.  Conditions were rough – not only was it cold and rainy but the wind was coming in exactly the direction for maximum interference with all our lenses, but we muddled through.  Sorry if this seems so down. I actually had a great trip but the images from this first day just aren’t hitting it for me.

The lighthouse you see here is the Ram Island Ledge Light, a privately maintained light that assists the Coast Guard in guiding ships through this harbor, where the publicly maintained and much larger Portland Head Light also sits, just outside of this frame. I was very drawn to the rocks on the left, and the water breaking on them.

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  1. I felt the same as you viewing my shots from that day Mark, kinda bummed at my results, but the day was a rough one so we gotta make due, getting the smaller light is great in this shot, I never considered it….one of those days

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