Borrowed Abstraction

With apologies to the artist(s), whom I really should identify, but cannot because I failed to take proper notes, this is from a gallery in the University of Michigan Museum of Art. I visited the museum during Thanksgiving weekend last Fall,while my family and I visited our daughter who attends the School of Engineering.

I’m always a little uncertain about photos that recreate someone else’s artwork. Some seem on very solid ground, such as architecture photography, or most images of graffiti in context. A photograph of a painting seems on the other extreme. It’s one thing to use it as a functional copy that allows people to see it without traveling to the original, but it is a bit much to present it as an independent work of art.

In this case, the arrangement of the paintings seem to be the point here, and I don’t know if it is the work of the artist, or a museum curator, or someone else.

I do love the combination and proportions here of the paintings, with the wall and the floor. Do I get credit for that? I suppose I did add some small value, but I don’t really claim any.

Regardless, I like the combination and think it worth sharing.

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