I86 Diner Revisited

Ten years in the summer of 2010 ago I drove 6+ hours round trip to photograph 3 abandoned diners along Route 17 in the Sullivan and Delaware counties in New York state along Route 17.

I had become familiar with these diners driving to and from my in-laws home in Syracuse. I thought, at the time, that they closed because of a combination of the financial recession and the general economic difficulties of New York state outside of the NYC metro area. I was wrong.

To be clear, there was a recession and much of NY state was, and still is, losing ground economically. But what I did not know was that these diners closed because the highway, Route 17, was being upgraded to Interstate 86, and bypassing 2 of them along the way. I first noted that discovery here, which has some more information on the topic.

But I am revisiting these images again because I frankly do not like how I processed some of them back when.

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