What Nobody Talks About

Conservatory, Eastman House

Eastman House is located in a residential section of downtown Rochester, NY.  It is the house that George Eastman lived in.  Eastman, of course, founded Kodak, and invented and developed consumer-ready roll film and cameras.  He arguably did more to popularize photography than anyone who ever lived.  The house now consists of two parts: a mostly newer section housing exhibits of photography and photographic exhibits, and most of the original house, preserved much as it was in the early 20th century when Eastman lived there.   Dining rooms, bedrooms, sitting rooms, even bathrooms, and the conservatory shown above are all maintained and open for viewing. The museum is candidly open about Eastman’s suicide, motivated by a degenerative disease.  I had no idea he killed himself until I visited the museum this summer, and it is mentioned in various parts of the exhibit.

Although the museum has only one small room devoted to an exhibit for children, I recommend it for families.  Many children seem to be interested in old buildings where people lived long ago, and the children’s room held the interest of my daughters for quite some time.

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