Warm Summer Sunset 1

Ferry Point Park Evening 1

It was 16 degrees F yesterday, and today we’re expecting our first big snow storm of the winter.  So it’s time to start a series of 6-7 I took one August evening in Ferry Point Park in the Bronx.  I took even more than that, but processed that many to a level I like.  They all will show roughly the same scene, but are pointed in slightly different directions, sometimes taken with different filters (which I don’t remember) and they were all processed using either Topaz Adjust, Topaz Detail, and in most instances, both.  Again, I don’t remember and did not take notes, and so I do not know which setting I used on each one.  At the time, both plugins were new to me, and I basically opened each photo first in Adjust and found a preset I liked, then I took that result into Detail and did the same, then  saved and moved to the next photo.

In this shot you are looking at Ferry Point Park in the extreme foreground.  The water is Westchester Creek to the right, opening up into the junction of the Long Island Sound and the East River.  The nearest land from the right stretching about 2/3 across the image are castle Hill and Clason Point in the Bronx.  In the far background center-left you see the Manhattan skyline.  To the left is Queens including LaGuardia airport.  I discovered this spot doing research on Google Maps and Google Earth, after deciding I wanted to shoot the New York waterfront from all 5 boroughs.  That is also how I was led to Fort Wadsworth in Staten Island where I took this shot.

I will spread the set over the rest of the winter.


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