Colorful Garage With Posters


I passed by this parking garage entrance during a night time photo walk about 2 months ago, and was struck by how clean, bright, and colorful it was compared to similar establishments. I took a 5-shot bracketed set, but never quite managed to re-create the effect I saw with my eyes. This result comes the closest, but I went through a ton of alternate versions. I have also posted 3 alternate version on Flickr, and if you click on the image you should be taken to this image in my photostream, where the others should be easy to find. I would be interested in all opinions about the different versions and results. Thanks.

UPDATE: One more version and I’m walking away from this image that’s giben me so much trouble. This version is based on Michael Tuuk’s comments below.

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  1. I guess I like something in between this one and Alternate 2 (A2). A2 is a bit flat and this one has just a hair too much yellow for my personal taste. Probably wouldn’t have really noticed though except that you *asked* for a comparison… I’d advise you on a course of action but I’m still learning all this myself and don’t really have a clue except maybe to try selectively de-saturating the yellows a bit (?). In this one I especially the Audi and the ceiling reflections.

    I would also try to clean up the noise on the exit-only signs. I’m being really picky but after noticing it the first time I continually noticed it 🙂

    Cool image in any case. I like how the yellow wall and posters make a line across the middle third of the frame.

    Keep posting — I enjoy the images.


  2. Michael, Thanks. Don’t apologize. Helpful criticism is always welcome, and especially on this photo where I invited it. I even made an updated version based on your ideas, but that’s it. I have to walk away from this photo.

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