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You may notice that I have added “Buy Print” links at the top and left side navigation areas.  Either will direct you to my galleries at Imagekind, where you can buy Regular Prints, Framed Prints, or Canvas Prints. I have no expectation that there is a substantial market for this but it is so easy to do there is no reason not to make it available.

Buy my art at 

I also note that I publish my images under a Creative Commons license which allows you to download and use my images for just about any non-commercial use as long as you credit me.  In particular, if you republish any of my images on your own website you simply are required to credit me and to place a visible prominent link back to this site.  Derivative works are not allowed.

So you can use an image in your screensaver or desktop wallpaper for free.  You can also download the image and send it to the vendor of your choice to make prints.  The best way to do this is to find the Flickr version of the image you are interested in (usually clicking on the image here on this blog will take you there).  Then click on “all sizes” above the image, then click on “Original Size,” and download that version from the link.  This will give you the highest resolution for the most quality.   Then, as I said, you can submit it for non-commercial purposes to any vendor, who might have lower prices, or more products than ImageKind, or simply quality you know and trust.  The ImageKind option simplifies the process.  Most of the images here are available at ImageKind.  If something is missing and you want it, use the contact form above to send me an email with the details.

Finally, no new picture today, but tomorrow is a new Crosswalk Tuesday.

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