Permanence and Innovation

This will be quick.  My post today is late because I’ve had a busy weekend.  There was a family event yesterday, a lovely christening.  Today I went shooting, and the image above is one of the results.  Finally, I have a new computer, which I am still in the middle of setting up.  My hope and expectation is that it will greatly speed up the time I spend processing images, among other tasks.  The current computer, which I used to process this image, is a first generation Intel iMac that has served me well for four years.

Fanelli’s Cafe is really more of a bar and has been in continuous operation at this location since 1847, although not always under this name.  This makes it the second oldest food and drink establishment operating at one location in NYC (the oldest is the Bridge Cafe which dates to 1794).

The image was processed using Photomatix for the HDR tonemapping, then the Nik Color Efex Low Key filter, followed by Topaz Adjust to add back a bit more light and color.  It was finished off by masking in the sky from one of the original brackets, that was itself run through the Nik Tonal Contrast filter.  I’m off to set up the new computer.

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  1. Love images of the older parts of towns. The graffiti on the corner wall is classic!

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