Behind the Glow

These windows are in an industrial manufacturing/warehouse building in the Long Island City/Hunters Point section of Western Queens.  It was taken around 8 am on a Sunday morning, in full light, so the glow is completely fabricated in post, although I do believe the lights were on inside. I think it has been a while since I had such a symmetrical composition. I tend to avoid it even when circumstances call for it, and also although I very much appreciate a good symmetrical composition when I see it done by others.  When I set up the shot the can that is sitting on the ground was placed behind the security bars like the yellow cups. About 10 seconds before I started the bracketing sequence, it was knocked out by the wind, which I think was an improvement.


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  1. I love that yellow glow coming through the windows. It looks daunting and scary, like an evil laboratory.
    Great work, Mark

  2. Really great symmetry in this one and lots of full in colour. The whole image has a nice warmth about it.
    Dave recently posted..Holga HL-N first outingMy Profile

  3. Great symmetry. Love the bright yellow in the windows against the bluish wall.
    Jesse Pafundi recently posted..Shadow of a ManMy Profile

  4. I really dig this shot. The pov and symmetry are great. But the various tones and textures are what kept me looking and admiring. Great work.

  5. Your sense of “vision” never ceases to amaze and inspire me!

  6. Very nice, I agree with Chris, the textures and colors rock

  7. Wow, I love the detail in the wall, but it is the back lit windows that really jump out at me.

  8. I like this shot a lot. Seems not altogether symetrical, which makes it compelling, without losing a the nice sence of balance. Well done.

    1. Thanks Jon. You’re right, the details, such as the cups and can, and the brick patterns, are not symmetrical. I think they also raise the “interesting-ness” factor considerably. I guess what I meant was that I made the shot as symmetrical as it could be.

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