Approaching Seneca

So I messed up a bit yesterday when I said that today I would post a better image of a wall shot from an angle, because I also promised to post all the images from my photowalk that day in order, and I did not realize that this one was next in line. The wall will come tomorrow. Now I’m worried I’m over-hyping the shot, which is good, and I believe better than yesterday’s, but not the best photo fo a wall ever.

This image of the elevated subway was taken on the same block as tomorrow’s image, which led to my confusion. The building you can see through the tracks is at the end of the platform for the Seneca Avenue Station.  After passing Seneca Avenue, the train line starts its turn off of Palmetto Street and on to its journey cutting through several blocks over back alleys. It is very unusual for an elevated to do so. Most run like this section does here, directly over a regular street. If anything, this section itself is slightly unusual, as most elevated run over wider, more prominent thoroughfares. Palmetto Street is a comparatively small, sleepy little street to host an elevated line. I thought it might help to post a map of my walk on Sunday. This is directly from Aperture, with the location of all shots noted with pins. Click on it to view it a bit larger. You can see that I started down by the Myrtle Avenue Station and followed the path of the train all the way up. This image is located where the Ridgewood notation is coming out of the pin.


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  1. So many great details in this shot. I really like the textures on the I-beams along with the gritty concrete. Great stuff!
    Chris Nitz recently posted..Mr SoloMy Profile

  2. Well that one wait to get us to keep coming back to your site, “Great photo tomorrow” LOL I really like the reflection in the cars across the street, and the little sun flare. Cant wait to see the wall shot “tomorrow”. 😉

  3. Beautifully framed and captured, Mark. Very effective use of blue/yellow compliments. Very cool shot!
    Barbara Youngleson recently posted..Old San JuanMy Profile

  4. Nice shot Mark, well done! Looks like a fun place to walk around with a camera! Jim

  5. Nice composition Mark. The explorer on the left reminds me of the T-2000 in it’s liquid state in the Terminator 2
    Jason Hines recently posted..The GrottoMy Profile

    1. Thanks for the comments, folks, and sorry about the “bait and switch” on the wall photo. It’s coming tomorrow, for real. Jason, for the look on the explorert hat you like I used the setting I describe in this post, but used a brush to apply them only to that car, and the other cars across the street but further down.

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