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I’m creating this entire post from my iPad as a road test. Not a lot to say about the image. This is a fairly routine black and white conversion of an image that is not quite as interesting as I imagined it woul be when I took it. I’m not running it down, mind you. It’s fine- just something less than I expected.
I do like the way the train crossing diagonally overhead gives this otherwise nondescript intersection some of the sense that you would get from a somewhat more grand plaza. Once again, I did some major straightening in Photoshop to keep the building on the right from having a very significant lean outwards.

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  1. Posting this comment from my iPad! Like the shot Mark. These train shots are really helping define the area for me – one I’ve not seen. Very cool Mark!

  2. I like the gritty feel to this one, well done. Jim

  3. Nice work. Well done. keep em coming more.

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