Why So Serious?

Oh man. This is just about 14 different kinds of wrong.

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  1. Think of the child. Seriously, the look on the kid speaks volumes. Poor kid is probably scared for life now. Fantastic capture.
    Chris Nitz recently posted..The Red PearlMy Profile

  2. wow great capture and poor kid!!

  3. Maybe this says volumes about my personality, but I laughed when I saw this. Nice capture Mark, but we need a little back story to this one. Was the kid scarred for life or was he into it?
    Ryan Sexton recently posted..Magic Kingdom’s Main StreetMy Profile

  4. I always knew that my evil ex-stepmom would eventually get out into the big world and start to spawn evil under/overlords. It’s pretty much a sign of the end times. That, and the triple patty burger at the local Cheez-E-Burg outlet. Time to pop some corn, get it all buttered up, and park and wait for the end of the world.

    Great photo by the way. Too bad humanity only has hours left to enjoy it….
    Toad Hollow Photography recently posted..St Anns AcademyMy Profile

  5. That idiot is lucky I wasn’t the mom. There would be no escaping a punch in the face from me….

  6. Make that 15!

    Great capture, though.

  7. The look on the kid’s face seems to say a lot. He looks scared while mom (I assume) and dad are having a good time. Great capture and hopefully the kid will just have a normal aversion to clowns.

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