The Depot Below

This is the next to last entry in the series. I had to ride the M train to its last stop to get home, because as I mentioned earlier, between here and the last stop it crosses a lot of inaccessible ground. In order to get home, I either had to ride, or walk a good mile or more out of my way before doubling back to get past the inaccessible ground. Heading into the Fresh Pond Road station, I saw this fenced off area which appears to be the entrance to the rail yard and other assorted MTA areas.


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  1. Love the sharp focus on the left side of the frame, especially on the chain link fence and on the road cone. A little creepy down there – did you have a “rent-a-cop” with you? What we won’t do for the shot!
    Barbara Youngleson recently posted..DunwanderinMy Profile

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