Golden Gate Light Fixtures

As with any landmark, one trick to coming up with an original take is to focus on details. Even then, it is likely that there are a few dozen (or more) images that might look quite a lot like this one.

These are lght fixtures on the Golden Gate Bridge. The curved ones pointing down provide lights at periodic intervals for pedestrians  and cyclists during evening hours. The ones pointing up only appear near the towers and presumably light those features at night. This is a simple HDR from 3 exposures handheld on my Olympus E-PL1.

Processed with some basic Nik Filters (Pro Contrast and a brushed-in Tonal Contrast) and finished off with the Cartooned Preset from Topaz Clean.

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  1. The sky really sets off the posts nicely! Cool shot!
    Jim Denham recently posted..Days EndMy Profile

  2. I like your rendering of the distinctive color of the bridge, Mark. That and the glimpse of the cables immediately identifies the structure. The clouds are interesting, kind of surreal against the realistic bridge components.
    Wayne Frost recently posted..The Coffee Bean &amp Tea LeafMy Profile

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