I’m Sure Julia Was Charmed

I took a lot of photos on the Jersey City edition of the Worldwide Photo Walk last year, and published very few on the blog. So i think I might publish a few this week, then continue to sprinkle them in occasionally in coming weeks. That day I only took my Olympus Pen E-PL1 and I think, one lens. I played a lot with the presets, and this is one of them, I believe called “Grainy Film.” This image is straight from the camera with no post-processing whatsoever.

I was reminded of the photowalk because I thought it must be coming up soon. Last year’s took place in late July so I figured we would soon be getting announcements with specific information for this year, and I was even a bit surprised I hadn’t heard anything from any one in my photography network about it. So I went to the official Photowalk news page,* and discovered that back in February they announced that starting this year they are pushing the Photowalk to the fall, because the heat in late July can be a bit oppressive. In fact, as I mentioned in my initial post on last year’s walk, someone passed out during the photowalk I attended, but fortunately quickly recovered. So the move probably makes sense.

* Link goes to the general news page because I cannot find links to individual posts there, so soon enough this will link to  a page that does not have the information I am citing. Anyway, they are looking at holding this year’s walk on the weekend of October 1-2, but that has not been officially determined yet. And, they are also planning to hold it over both days on the weekend. They will let walk planners schedule their walk for either Saturday or Sunday that weekend, with the hope that many regions will have events on both days. This will allow folks with scheduling conflicts on one day to attend the other, thereby accommodating people with family obligations, church events, school events, religious services, sports practices, whatever. Unless I have a conflict both days I will probably participate somewhere again myself.

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  1. You never know, some girls have different tastes. My husband took me to a new place to shoot urbex this weekend for my birthday and I LOVED it! Not may would turn down a fancy dinner for an abandoned building, but I sure would! 🙂
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  2. It definitely has the newspaper-type feel! Nice title too!
    Jim Denham recently posted..UnhingedMy Profile

  3. Awesome catch Mark, I’m digging the B&W

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