Van Guard

It appears that my latest challenge, when shooting a building and attempting to get straight lines at right angles and level horizons, are streets that are not level. In such an image the building can be level yet the incline of the street will make it look askew.  Add in a touch of lens distortion and even with the help of the grid lines in the leveling tool in Aperture, I get cross-eyed.

I also worked very hard when setting up the camera for this shot to get the camera as straight and perpendicular to the building as I could. Doing that will eliminate or at least reduce lens distortion, even at very wide angles.There is still some in this image, although much less than I would have had were I less careful. Later during this outing I worked very hard with my tilt-shift lens to use the shift feature as n additional tool to reduce distortion. I believe it worked well for a while, then towards the end of the outing I got lazy and things deteriorated somewhat, probably because I was anticipating my Father’s Day breakfast.

Finally, if you look closely you’ll see that there is a bit more to the title “Van Guard” than a first glance might reveal.

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  1. Such a cool building, really like the processing on this shot!

  2. This is great Mark, your effort was well worth it, the lines are great, love the gritty details
    Dave DiCello recently posted..Amusing reflectionsMy Profile

  3. That building is very cool looking. I like all the colors tucked away throughout the scene.
    Chris Nitz recently posted..Into the Deep EndMy Profile

  4. Oh man, talk about familiar territory! We were just out this weekend doing a huge shoot of this little town nearby; the main street in town is on a slope you could ski on… talk about introducing challenges into the shoot! You’ve overcome this really wonderfully here, Mark, the lines are just lovely my friend, and the slopes actually bring a little drama to the overall setting, in my opinion. I love it!
    Toad Hollow Photography recently posted..ArchitectureMy Profile

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