Faded Trompe L’Oeil [Plus I’m Now taking Requests]

The trompe l’oeil painting of windows on the side of the building has faded, and is marred by some stupid graffiti, but still has the power to trick your eye sometimes. The mural dates back at least to the early 80s, and it was quite impressive back then. I’ve no idea what it would take to repair it, but I think it would be an extremely worthwhile neighborhood improvement project.

First Announcement: New HDR Collaboration Over at Jim Denham’s

These are always fun to do, and I hope fun to review as well. The latest is called To Be Heard and Jim Denham is hosting over at his site, Behind My Eyes. Go check it out.

Second Announcement: I’m Taking Requests

I’ve decided to try something a bit interactive. I’m going to start taking requests. If there is a subject, scene or location in New York City or nearby that you would like me to photograph and post on the blog, go to this page and leave your idea in the comments. More details at that page. Please participate and also please spread the word.





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  1. The colors in that graffiti are perfect man. Great composition.
    Dave DiCello recently posted..Candid signsMy Profile

  2. This is great Mark, it certainly fooled my eye! I looked at the image and reread the post several times because I couldn’t believe that the side of the building was a painting!

  3. Certainly from just looking at the picture it is hard to tell that the windows aren’t real. Even with the graffiti the windows still have a realistic look. Nice shot and I hope someone is able to repair the paint job.

  4. Wow, Mark, that really tricked me, I thought for sure those were real windows! Awesome shot, my friend, I just love this composition.
    Toad Hollow Photography recently posted..Victoria ArchitectureMy Profile

  5. I wouldn’t have known unless you told me. I wonder how long it took to paint. Well seen Mark.
    Len Saltiel recently posted..Heavy LoadMy Profile

  6. Very cool building and shot Mark, never would have guessed those are not real

  7. I agree that graffiti is mostly stupid, but I think it adds some contrast to the side of the building. Living in New York must be a photographer’s dream. 🙂

  8. wonderful shot Mark, you totally got me there, I thought they were real windows! well shot!

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