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I spent yesterday morning with new friend Chris Robins, an avid photographer and fine gentleman who hopes soon to have his own photography website up and running. We shot a fairly brief section of 11th Avenue, less than 10 blocks really, and spent nearly 4 hours doing so. As you might imagine, it was a target rich environment. One of Chris’s current photo obsessions is water towers, and I found myself infected by his enthusiasm during the shoot.

The Salvation Army is an organization that does an astounding amount of good charitable work, representing some of the best of civil society. I’m not sure what the phrase “work therapy building” means. It could be a building where work therapy takes place, or it could represent three separate things, or perhaps another reading is correct. As you can see they also run a thrift store. Next to the bell-ringing Santa’s around Christmas time, the thrift store is probably the Salvation Army’s most well known program. When I was in college and law school, my friends and I routinely visited another Salvation Army thrift store on the Upper West Side where we acquired lots of cool used vintage clothing at very reasonable prices.  My friends used to call it Sal’s Boutique.

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  1. Love the water towers.
    Chris is insane, BTW. I’m kidding. He’s a great guy. And his blog is going to be epic.

  2. Cool getting to meet new folks and see their passions and let it trigger us! Dig the pic, and the Salvation Army. Twice a month, on Thursdays, our division helps serve breakfast to the homeless at the St. Paul Salvation Army. It’s a humbling experience and I’m glad to be part of it! Good stuff Mark!

  3. I love the POV here Mark, and it’s always cool to meet new people!
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  4. I like the simplicity of this one, and the way the sky is reflected in those windows. I can remember flying into NYC (my first ever visit to the US) and being fascinated by the sheer number of water towers I saw on the approach to JFK – there certainly is a potentially massive photo project in the making here!

  5. I love this shot, Mark, indeed that water tower is really something to behold! Love the textures in both the brickwork and the metal of the water tower itself, great image!
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  6. Sal’s Boutique. LOL That’s great.

    Really nice shot. I am fond of water towers also, particularly the older style ones that are becoming harder to find. That Salvation Army ad is also a throwback to yesteryear, something you don’t see much of these days. That was how businesses were branded, with names and messages actually painted onto the buildings.

    Nice shot!

  7. like the framing in this one – the contrast between the light and shadow is really nice.

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