If you look at the google map satellite view from above, you can see that this appears to be a fake front placed on a plain square building. Without any signage, it appears unfinished.

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  1. You’re right, it does look unfinished, or as though something is missing. Very interesting.

  2. i really love this modern facade in the against the backgrounds of the older buildings. the sneaky watertower in the left side of the picture is very cool.

  3. FYI The reason there’s no signage may be because it’s a strip club. (In google maps, right-click on the building and select ‘what’s here’.) The facade might have been an attempt to add some…err…style, ambitious when you’re surrounded by taxi garages!

    1. I did as Loocia suggested, and she (?) is correct. It is a “gentleman’s executive club.” I won’t use the name as I don’t want the resulting misdirected traffic, but it is a well known brand.

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