To Hudson Tubes

I only heard of the Hudson Tubes earlier this year, and also because of a photo I took. It’s basically an old name for part of the PATH train system connecting New York and New Jersey.  I don’t know why but the name resonate with me. It sounds a bit futuristic, yet also antiquated —  sort of steampunk I suppose.

This image also gives me an idea for a possible series. It would be a daunting enterprise, and I wonder if it has been done before, so I won’t announce anything except for this, which I realize is a tease.

Finally two unrelated items:

  • The latest edition of the HDR collaboration group in which I participate is up today at Jim Denham’s blog so please check that out. It is called Morning On Kellogg.
  • AppSumo is running a contest to win a free copy of Adobe Photoshop with Free Updates for Life! Entry is very simple and requires nothing more than your email address. You can enter here. Deadline is November 14.

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  1. Nice scene, and as for the teaser, I am impatient. Is it a series in the subways? Love the idea.

  2. This is really cool man, well composed. Can’t wait to see the entire series.
    Dave DiCello recently posted..Second ActMy Profile

  3. Robert and Dave,
    Thanks for the comments and encouragement. Still deciding on whether even to start the project idea. Very rough estimate is that it would take 1300-1400 hours of shooting to complete (not counting editing, file management, blog writing, etc). As I average less than 10 hours of shooting per week, usually less than 5, it would take several years to finish if I stopped all other photography. OTOH, maybe I could do it bit by bit for the rest of my life. Maybe I finish, maybe I don’t.

  4. Very cool shot Mark, are you gonna be a subway rat? How cool is that

  5. Composition. Perfect, I would say. You’re looking for it?

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