Diana F+ Kodak Portra Summer 2011

I messed this roll up 17 ways ’til Tuesday.

  • I  meant to shoot as a 16 image roll, but shot 12.
  • Even then, somehow managed to get only 10 shots.
  • I meant to use the sky in the first shot as a background for a double exposure but didn’t.
  • I had the camera set to manual bulb for 4 images like the last one so everything is blurry.

And yet there’s something about this toy plastic camera and 120 film that sill makes me want to look at these and will get me to come back. My favorite is the middle. It’s a part double exposure – part overlapping of separate images: one in Queens with the train tracks and the billboard in the upper left, the other from Manhattan in the Flatiron District, looking south down Fifth Avenue. No digital processing except to punch up the saturation on the sky just a touch.

In completely separate news, the latest installment of my HDR Collaboration Group is up at Mike Criswell’s place. It’s a fun shot of the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Weston, West Virginia. Click over to check it out.

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    1. Thanks, Mike. By the way, you probably can’t tell, but the train tracks in the second shot are from the same location as our Grade Crossing collaboration.

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