My Lame, Conceptual, Negative Space Super Bowl Tribute

One thing about New York is that because of its size, no single event can take over the entire city. No matter how big something is, there is always a critical mass of people who just won’t care.  This is especially true of sporting events, because apart from the people who care not at all for any sport, there are usually fans of a rival local team to account for.

And this park is never empty on a sunny day. It doesn’t matter how cold it is, people come out and use it. But when I took this image about 10-15 minutes before one of the Giants’ playoff games a few weeks ago, there was nobody in sight. I think it was the Green Bay game. It was also one of the few bitter cold weekend days we have had all winter. I think that between the folks who did stay home for the football game and people who thought, “I just don’t need to go out in this cold,” I came across an unusual scene.

So with today being Super Bowl Sunday, I figured I’d pull this one out. Plus, why waste a better image on a day when most folks will be thinking only about football.

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  1. For me, this is so simple yet so meaningful photo…

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