Weekend Instagram Roundup

Ferris Wheeil at OLMC Feast.

Sausage and Pepeprs at OLMC Feast.

Found Art

Random Manhattan Still Life.

There was no Instagram Roundup last weekend, as I took the weekend off from the blog. These images apn the last 2 weeks. The first two are from the same OLMC Feast I covered in Friday’s post, featuring two subjects I left out of the photo essay but did capture withh my iPhone:  a sausage and pepper sandwich (a NY street fair tradition), and the ferris wheel, which my daughters very much enjoyed.

The second pair of images were taken in Manhattan a few minutes apart, as I noticed two pieces of found art while walking in Manhattan. The first is an abstract symphony of tape and glue on a store window, and the second is a pair of plums left sitting on a ledge in a perfect still life composition.

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