Be On The Lookout For The Lovelorn


My wife and I are fans of the show NCIS ( as are many other people), and for the first couple of years that we watched it (I think we picked it up in Season 4), we were confused by one thing. The characters aften talked about “putting out a BOLO on” a suspect or witness. We had no idea what a BOLO was. In context, it seemed to be another way of saying APB (All Points Bulletin) but BOLO was a mystery. Eventually we figured out that BOLO stands for “Be On the LookOut” and is indeed an APB synonym.

Anyway, the BoLo here in this Syracuse alley caught my eye.  My guess is it represents something else here, maybe a graffiti tag, a nickname, or a club.

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  1. I would never have guessed it either, in this alley or on the show! Very cool!
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  2. Its an inspiring and cool kind of post…I really love it…Thank you..

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