My New Rule – It’s Not Art [And Ongoing Contest]

Not my best image, perhaps, but it led me to formulate a new rule. If I cannot tell whether something is meant to be art or functional, then it’s not art. That doesn’t mean it is functional, and it might be meant to be art, but it is not art. I have no idea what is the purpose of this light board. The lights flickered, in a pattern, but not anything intricate or pleasing. I can also not see any indication that this is some sort of security or utility display. This is the lobby of a residential building in DUMBO where I was shooting Sunday morning.


First announced yesterday: I’m planning to buy a couple of prints for myself to update my walls, and I’m looking for ideas for what photos to print. In return, I’ll gift someone else one free print.  So, leave a comment below telling my what’s your favorite photo of mine. Feel free to browse my blog archives and my galleries at SmugMug or anywhere else.  Give a link if possible – but if you can’t find an image that left an impression on you, describe it as best as you can. I’m going to solicit comments all over — here, on twitter, Google Plus and Facebook. Then I’ll randomly select one person who left a comment with a suggestion and will send that person a free print at any size up to 12 x 18.  The contest closes at the end of this week, midnight Saturday December 8. Let’s go with Pacific time.

For my own prints, I won’t necessarily pick the ones that get the most votes, and might even select something that nobody mentioned. I’m just looking for something a little interactive and to get some ideas flowing. Also, the winner won’t have to select the image he or she suggested for the free print. If you win and change your mind by the time it is time to choose, that’s OK. Also, feel free to suggest something that has already been mentioned.

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  1. Ok…you know I love your Gray Man series so of course (while I have alot of favourites of yours) I’m going to say that the Grey Man with the Airstream (your header pic) is the one I choose. I love, love, love it 🙂

    1. Thanks Edith. It’s definitely under consideration.

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