Kosciuszko Bridge, from Review Avenue, Queens

The Kosciuszko Bridge in New York City spans Newtown Creek and carries the Brooklyn Queens Expressway or BQE over that body of water. This is, therefore, where the BQE gets its name.* Calvary Cemetery is to the left, and you can see a single cross peeking over the wall. Calvary is well known by almost everyone, even if not by name. Because of its location, from which you can see the Manhattan skyline, it has been featured in numerous movies and television shows, including being the scene of Don Corleone’s funeral in The Godfather. Newtown Creek is a bit to the right and out of sight.

This road is part of a back roads alternative route from Midtown Manhattan to my neighborhood in Queens, and I have long meant to stop here and grab a shot like this. I finally did so last Sunday morning, heading home from my Central Park excursion. I tried to conveya sense of motion and impart a bit of a cinematic feel to the image.

* The BQE runs on a North/South axis, but because it was built with federal interstate funds and is part of I-278, it is designated officially as an East/West highway, with all signs directing you to the BQE East or West. This of course makes all of the signage useless (thanks, Feds) but locals have developed the NEWS mnemonic: “North is East and West is South.” So if you’re heading to Brooklyn, or South, take the BQE West, and if you’re going north, or to Queens, take the BQE East.

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