WDW Walt Disney World Bay Lake Panorama, via Fuji X-E1

I have mixed feelings about panoramas. I’m often seduced by their promise, but they do not present themselves best on screen, where  they often just seem cramped and squished.  If you click on the image it will get a bit larger, depending on your screen, and you may also  Click Here to See It In Its Original Size, where you will likely have to scroll around the screen to see the entire thing.

This is the view from a pedestrian bridge, about 4-5 floors high,* connecting the Bay Lake Tower, which you can see part of in the left of the image, to the Contemporary Resort. Both sit within a short walk of the Magic Kingdom Resort in Walt Disney World, and if you turn the other way on this bridge you will see Cinderella’s castle.  And, yes, that image is coming.  This is just around dawn, looking eastward over the Bay Lake.

The image was taken with the Fuji X-E1 using its built in panoramic stitching feature.  It is similar to the stitching feature in the Fuji X100, but I have found I have had better results with this camera. I do not know if they improved the software, if I have gotten better at sweeping smoothly  or if by chance my subjects are easier for the algorithm to handle. I do know that most of the panos I tried to take with the x100 have ended up with poorly stitched sections that I seem to able to avoid with the X-E1.


* I mean literally4-5 floors high. It connects the fifth floor of one building to the fourth floor of the other.

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