Villas Charlotte Brontë Sunset


These houses sit in the Spuyten Duyvil section of the Bronx, on Palisade Avenue. Named the Villas Charlotte Brontë, they were built in 1926 and contain 17 co-op apartments with stunning views. The evening I was there featured a murky sky that was not favorable for photography until almost the exact moment of sunset, when the sun dipped below the cloud line and appeared, throwing off some nice color. I just caught the sun as it dipped below the cliffs of the Palisades, , but my rushed shots still ended up with some blown out highlights I could not recover.

Nevertheless, I felt especially lucky to have stumbled upon this sunset on  a perfect night when the sun prefectly split the two buildings, effectively on what you might call “Bronxhenge,” cousin to the more famous Manhattanhenge. I also appreciated that my visit here, although planned, led me unexpectedly to this vista, which I previously knew only through the photos of others, and led me to include it in my list of great photo spots in the Bronx.


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  1. Nice shot Mark, really unique, I never would have guessed this was the Bronx, well done

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