Of course I am finishing my series of images of toys from Walt Disney World (WDW) with these stuffed Mickeys. They really are black white and grey. I also…

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Oops. Published this without any text. This is the next-to-last entry in my brief series on toys in Walt Disney World. Compared to most of the prior images, this one…

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Mike Wazowski

  I never noticed how much he looks like the Little Green Men from Toy Story, with the major difference being he has one fewer eye than normal while they…

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Perrys – Many Perrys

    Phineas and Ferb is the cleverest cartoon series since the great Warner Bros. shorts of the mid-20th century. The titular characters are step-brothers who -- well, it never…

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  Day 2 of my week showing toys from Walt Disney World in their original habitat. Today features bulk Lego pieces from the Lego Store in Downtown Disney. I consider…

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  I had some fun with a "Toy Week" theme a couple of weeks ago, and this week I'm reprising it with a twist. Instead of featuring toys in posed…

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  I spent the weekend in Philadelphia with my family, mostly to visit the Revolutionary Era historical sites. But we also took in a couple of other attractions. When we…

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