100 Years of Mallomars Deserve a Macro

mallomar macro


I love Mallomars. Mallomars are a variety of a common, chocolate-covered marshmallow cookie sold by Nabisco. According to this report, they are manufactured in Canada, and 85% of them are sold in the New York tri-state area. They are also famous for being available only in cold weather, from generally October through May. While this was originally because they would melt in hot weather, today it is more a combination of tradition and marketing.  Some Mallomar lovers claim to stock up during those months and pull the treat out of refrigeration during those long hot summer days when you can’t get them in stores.

I just noticed that the box of Mallomars in our pantry notes a celebration of 100 years of making them. According to the box, “Mallomars were created by Nabisco in 1913 and first sold to a grocer in West Hoboken, NJ.”  I decided that deserved a macro.

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