Arches National Park Drive-By

Arches Drive-By


According to a statistic I just made up, roughly 84% of all the photographs taken in Arches National Park in Utah near Moab,  focus on 2 dozen locations and subjects.

I have no idea what the true numbers are, but I’m reasonably certain the point is valid. Locations such as Delicate Arch, Balanced Rock, The Windows, and Park Avenue are noted in guides, maps, and often have parking areas built to allow easy access. To be sure, these are extremely beautiful and inspiring locations. But there are countless additional features and formations that would stand out but for the fact they are surrounded by even more awesomeness.

While we drove, I tried to grab quick shots of interesting formations. There are distracting window reflections on almost all of them, but a bit of post-processing  can clean most of those away. I doubt this has a name. I have no idea where in the park it is located. There is no Arch. There are several formations that look more or less quite similar. But I still think it deserves a bit of love and attention.

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  1. Awesome! That rock is featured in my new video series. I’ll let you know when it hits the streets. Thanks for the memories!

    1. Justin, that’s wild. Look forward to seeing the video.

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