St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2014

Yesterday I had the pleasure and honor of walking in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade up Fifth Avenue with my high school, Regis High School. Regis does not usually participate in the parade, but it is marking its Centennial this year, and the school invited alumni to take part. We ended up with a contingent of about 250 men, comprised of current students, faculty, and alumni. It was a lot of fun. We just walked up the avenue, without marching or any music, but people still cheered and waved to us and we smiled and waved back.

These shot above is one of my best of the group while we were marching. Directly below comes from our meetup on 46th Street. The black and white is straight out of the x100s with no fiddling. I am playing with the in-camera black and white settings of the Fuji system and am close to finding something I am very happy with. I will report once I’m done.

Next up is an image which I think was my best composition of the day but I blew the focus. This is after we turned on to Fifth Avenue.

Next up is a bit of the St. Regis Hotel on Fifth Avenue. It has nothing to do with the school, but still.

Finally I will finish up with some shots of the crowd. First a group of ladies who sang and danced and swayed and chanted and really seemed like they were providing more entertainment than we were. Then some folks on a low balcony with a St. Patrick doll?/statue?/effigy? In a wheelchair? You got me, but they’re smiling. Next up a fine looking St. Patrick costume, and finally some young folks who brought very colorful blankets to handle the cold.

And oh yeah, here’s my taken on my iPhone by one of my classmates (Class of 1980) – thanks Mike.


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