Old Fulton Street, Brooklyn, Night

Old Fulton Street, Brooklyn NY


I’m very fond of this neighborhood, and have shot it and expressed that emotion before. I lived in the building on the right with the arched entrance for about 4 years in the early 90s, when the neighborhood was still mostly industrial and Brooklyn Bridge Park was not even an idea.

I shot this one morning earlier this year when I hit the park before dawn and seized the opportunity to get  a night time shot of the deserted street with some timely headlight trails.

Interview Alert

I was recently contacted and conducted a written interview with Street Photography London, an online magazine also available on Flipboard. It was a nice surprise to be approached for this interview, and I enjoyed considering the questions and writing up what I hope are thoughtful and interesting responses.

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  1. Congrats on the interview – I hope it will get widely read, it deserves to be. So many interesting observations in what you said in reply to the questions put to you. I personally think the world is too big a place to get tied down into one theme or style of work – so on that topic in particular I agree whole-heartedly with you.

    I too love today’s image. Just the lights of traffic and an empty street. The city’s sleeping (or most of it).
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