1964 Austin Healey 3000 BJ8

1964 Austin Healey BJ8


As we entered Mystic Seaport Museum on Saturday there was a line of about a dozen classic cars leaving. Apparently there was some sort of show although I did not have the details, and I do not know why this one stayed around after the others left. I did note that – to my inexpert eye – they all looked pretty much the same. I was later able to determine that the Austin Healey Club of America had been on the grounds for a show in the early afternoon.  This is a 1964 Austin Healey 3000 BJ8, about which I know nothing and initially confused it with Aston Martin. Well they are both British. I do enjoy looking at classic cars but have no real eye to tell one from another.

This beauty features an off-white cream color, but I could not do it justice in the grey light of an overcast afternoon, so the black and white conversion seemed our best option.

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