WDW Caribbean Beach Club Resort Foggy Morning -#we35

Photograph of the WDW Caribbean Beach Club Resort  on a foggy morning with a Contax T3 film camera using Lomography film ; also part of the we35 project.

My family and I took an “extra” trip to Disney World this year the week after Christmas. Since I keep going back to the same spot regularly, I try to give myself a particular project or focus each time. This trip I shot almost exclusively with film, all with a pair of Contax T3 pocket film cameras. I always had one filled with color and the other black and white. The T3 was a high end point and shoot vacation camera back in its heyday, with a superb 35mm f/2.8 Carl Zeiss lens. I shot 4 rolls of color and 2 black and white in total. .

Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate much, with only one beautiful clear day. It did not rain much, and the weather was actually fine for touring purposes, just not great for photos. I took this on the last morning on the walk to breakfast before we left for home.

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