Brown Anole Lizard, Animal Kingdom WDW

There are a lot of small lizards flitting around Disney World, and most everyone calls them all geckos. This little fella blended in very well with the stone walls of this building in the Kidani Village section of Animal Kingdom. When he puffed out his throat like that, however, I realized he probably was not a gecko, and looked him up when I got home. It turns out that “lizard with red throat” is an autofill google search and led to identify this guy as a Brown Anole Lizard.  I’m pretty sure of that, at least. He could be green, in theory, because green anoles sometimes turn brown (but the browns never turn green), but the brown is prevalent in FLorida so I’m going with that.

The red throat expansion is only done by males, and can indicate apprehension, or be a sign for other males to stay away as this is my territory, and is also used in mating rituals. I’m just glad I caught him at the right moment.

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  1. These little guys are one of my favorite things when down south, nice catch

  2. Brown anoles are everywhere in FL. We own a home in Ponte Vedra Beach, near Jacksonville, and we have them all around the outside of the house. They are great at keeping insect populations down!

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