Spuyten Duyvil – Sunset Over The Hudson

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This was a pleasant surprise and a nice result from waiting to finish an image.  The shot dates to the summer of 2013, nearly two years ago.  I was stylistically in a major transition phase, in which I stopped processign most of my landscape and building photographs using HDR nad going for a more realistic approach.

I ran this image through the HDR software back then, and did not like the result. I knew I wanted to modify it but could not figure out how.  And then I forgot about it until last night. I was randomly clicking on images from 2013 when I came across this project and saw the partially processed version.  I liked some elements and now I knew how I would want to modify it.

S here is the view near the Spuyten Duyvil Metro North train station in the Bronx, looking over the tracks towards New Jersey across the Hudson River.


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  1. Awesome colors Mark, a very nice surprise

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