Abandoned Half-Pipe Palouse Barn

Of all the buildings in this compound, the big one you see here was in the best shape.  I did not see a way in, but the outside seemed relatively intact. A couple of us did venture inside the residence. Click that link to Mike Criswell’s place if you want a look inside. I’ll be posting a shot or two from inside there as well, but not for a while.

it’s a mystery of the Palouse that this highly productive farmland would have so many abandoned plants like this. Some of them were just left among fields that are still being worked. I guess the owners found it was not economic to spend the time clearing them. But others like this seem to be in fiels that are just unused. Even if the former owners couldn’t make a go of it you’d think someone woud buy the land to add it to their parcel.  I’m sure there’s a simple explanation and any local would be bemused by my confusion.

PS: I very much doubt this barn design is called a half-pipe, but I don’t know what else to call it.

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