Weber House Evening

This is the third shot I’m presenting of this spot, Weber House, in the Palouse region of Washington.  Previous ones are here and here.  I find this version a bit surreal, or cinematic.  Not sure what I think of it. I even let it sit for a week or so before coming back to it and continued to be uncertain.  My initial reaction on returning to it after the break was extremely negative. Then I sat in front of it for a few minutes and it grew on me. I was not sure what to do.  Then I figured, hey, this is just a blog. It’s not like I’m presenting this as my best work. So here it is. Please comment if you’d like to share your view, including if you do not care for it.

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  1. Not bad at all Mark, my only comment would be its a tad dark but that could be my monitor as well, that was a fun night

    1. Thanks Mike. That’s actually helpful. My monitor is, I think well calibrated for color but I struggle with brightness sometimes. The feedback is helpful.

  2. Thank you Mark, you inspired me to look through my Weber House images and I found another pano to mess with, cheers!

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