John James Audubon Tomb and Memorial

I suppose I feel a bit silly admitting that I completely stumbled upon this tomb, and was surprised to learn that Audubon lived in Washington Heights. The neighborhood features an Audubon Ballroom (where Malcolm X was murdered),  an Audubon Avenue, and Audubon Terrace.  Yet when I happened upon this my reaction was “Audubon lived here? Really? Who knew?”  It turns out he owned a farm that covered a good part of the neighborhood.

This is the Trinity Church Cemetery, located next to the Church of the Intercession on W.155th Street. Trinity Church itself is way downtown, as are 2 smaller graveyards associated with that congregation. The Church of the Intercession was founded in 1846 and spent some time as a chapel for Trinity Church.

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  1. One heck of a gravestone, interesting find Mark

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